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Ajax Hotel is recognised as one of the finest 4 star hotels in its category within the city of Limassol. We have established a culture of investing in people, which provides the framework for personal growth and development of our employees, our colleagues and our peers.

We believe that our success is based on our workforce, therefore we are looking for the very best, brightest and passionate professionals to join our team. We offer a unique experience for our guests because we invest on people who embody passion, warmth and love for their work and can demonstrate dedication and expertise to our guests, and in return, we will ensure of our employee’s well-being, training, induction, recognition and career growth within a successful team!

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Ajax Hotel
Company's Vision

At the Ajax Hotel, with over thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry, we strive to offer satisfaction and impeccable service to each and every one of our guests.

We are committed to the continuous development and promotion of a culture of learning and development. We prioritize health and safety and work tirelessly to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all our guests. The provision and upgrading of the services we offer, as well as team spirit, are the foundation of our success.

Our values focus on environmental practices, cultural, productive and social relations, well-being and the human factor.

The keywords revolve around the Environment, the Community, the People.