The Ultimate Facial Treatments List at Ayana Spa

Here are just some of the fantastic facials you can experience on your next visit to Ayana Spa at the Ajax Hotel…
10 Oct 2019

The Ultimate Facial Treatments List at Ayana Spa

There’s nothing quite like the silky smooth feel of your skin after a facial. Having a facial is so relaxing, it’s great for de-stressing, but there are many more benefits too. It gives your skin a deep cleanse and detoxification and it promotes blood circulation. It’s great for combating blemishes and it can help to reduce the signs of ageing too.

Here at Ayana Spa we know that everyone is different and so we offer a wide range of facials to ensure there is one that is perfect for your needs and the requirements of your skin. Here are just some of the fantastic facials you can experience on your next visit to Ayana Spa at the Ajax Hotel


Express Facial

Our express facial is suitable for all skin types and brings great results with super exfoliation and deep hydration. This is a great facial to go for if you’ve never had a facial before. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and relaxed and your skin will feel divine.



This wonderful facial multivitamin treatment uses all natural ingredients and includes a facial mask specifically created for your particular skin type. The treatment cleanses the skin deeply, exfoliates, and you’ll be treated to a wonderful massage ritual, which again will be tailored by your therapist to bring maximum benefits to your own skin.


Divine Nutrition

This treatment is especially for those who have dry or flaky skin. Using natural ingredients such as chestnut, rose and geranium, your skin will be soothed, repaired and renewed. The results are long lasting as moisture is locked in and resistance to the elements is increased, diminishing the adverse effects of the weather.


Oxygenating Pure and Matt

If you suffer from spots or blemishes, this is the perfect facial for you. It also targets open pores and   excess shine. The treatment includes a three stage massage and is sure to leave dull skin looking bright again. If you’ve always wanted flawless, clear skin them choose this facial when you visit Ayana Spa.


Harmonie Calm

If you have sensitive skin, you may have some concerns about having a facial, but many people do have sensitive skin so we’ve developed the gentle Harmonie Calm facial just for you. With the use of natural ingredients such as lily essential milks and Damask rose, you can rest assured that this pH balanced treatment is both alcohol and colorant free.


Collagen Plump and Lift

Many of us love a facial for its anti-ageing properties, and the Collagen Plump and Lift facial is specifically designed to be the ultimate facial to combat the signs of ageing. It’s a luxurious facial that leaves your skin feeling plump and firm. The special combination of anti-ageing ingredients combine with a lifting massage and a collagen rich mask to encourage skin renewal and leave you looking fresh and youthful.


Facial Treatment for Men

Sadly some spas don’t cater to the specific needs of male facial skin but we know that men love a relaxing and beneficial facial treatment just as much as the ladies do. That’s why we’ve developed a range of facials that are targeted directly at the needs of male skin. Choose from the Express Energizing Face Treatment that combines protein, vitamins and clove oil to bring tired skin to life and reduce beard growth or the luxurious Intensive Energizing Face Treatment that combats signs of ageing and tiredness with an invigorating mask of oak and green clay and a stress-busting massage.


Your skin, your choice – but we can help

So browse our range of treatments and see which you would like to experience on your next visit to Ayana Spa. If you’re unsure which treatment you would benefit from most, then do ask. Our highly trained therapists will be able to suggest the ideal facial just for you.