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Here are our top tips for making sure you stay active and healthy while you’re away for work…
11 Apr 2019

How to stay active while travelling for work

Here are our top tips for making sure you stay active and healthy while you’re away for work…

When you travel for work, keeping up with a health and fitness regime can be tricky. When you’re staying in a luxurious hotel, it can be easy to slip into that holiday spirit and give up on your healthy eating and exercise, especially if you’re surrounded by holidaymakers overindulging! But it can be done, with a little thought and willpower.


  1. Choose accommodation with plenty of exercise facilities

When you’re picking out your hotel, read up on all the facilities it has to offer. Find out the size of the pool. Is it a small pool just for taking a dip in, or can you get some real exercise by swimming lengths? Does the hotel have a well equipped gym? A good workout once or twice a day can really make a big difference. Are there other sports on offer? Your hotel may offer exercise classes such as aerobics or activities in the pool. Perhaps there’s a tennis court? You may as well make the most of the facilities while you’re there!


  1. Make your workout your priority

When you’re away for work, you know you’re there for a purpose, but it’s important to make time for your workout. Taking a break from work is good for your mind, and spending that time out getting some exercise will be good for your body. First thing in the morning is a great time to go to the gym or take a swim before the pool gets more crowded later in the day. Make this your regime and stick to it. You’ll feel awake and revitalised ready for that important meeting!


  1. Keep hydrated

When you visit a country with a hot climate, it can be easy to forget to drink enough water to compensate for the extra level of heat. Most people are surprised by just how much extra fluid they need to take in when they’re in a hot country. Keep drinking water throughout the day to ensure you’re fully hydrated. This is especially important when you’re being active.


  1. Get out running or take a long walk

Just because you’re visiting for work, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the opportunity to explore the city. Get out for a run or a walk and enjoy the sights. It’s great exercise and it will clear your head too. There’s something truly special about taking a run on the beach, with the breeze in your hair, taking in the breath-taking ocean views. Alter the time of day you get out out and about and you’ll enjoy a whole different view.


  1. Make healthy choices when dining

When you’re presented with a huge buffet to choose from, it can be tempting to overindulge and make unhealthy choices, but with so much on offer, it’s actually easy to pick out a selection of delicious healthy foods. Opt for fresh fruit and vegetables and fish. Don’t be scared to ask the hotel staff what the healthiest food options are.


Stay healthy and enjoy your stay

Staying in a beautiful luxury hotel is a nice perk when you’re travelling for work, so do find the time to make the most of it and enjoy the facilities available to you. You’re not on holiday, you’re there to work, but everyone deserves some downtime, and what better place to do it than in the sunshine of a tropical paradise?

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