How to organise a business trip and keep it productive

If you’re visit Limassol on business, you’ll find the Ajax Hotel perfectly located both for the city and the airport.
25 Oct 2019

How to organise a business trip and keep it productive

The phrase ‘time is money’ certainly comes to mind when you’re heading off on a business trip and you’re thinking about all that lost time you’re spending travelling! Business travel can be very stressful but it’s also necessary, so it’s important to make the best of it and streamline your business trips to make them as efficient as possible and as stress-free as they can be.


Plan plan plan

When you’re busy, you may feel as if you don’t have sufficient time to put a great deal of thought into planning your business trip. It’s not like a family holiday to Disney World, you’re not trying to make wonderful family memories, but the concept is the same. The more you prepare, the easier the trip will be. So plan your meetings and be aware of the timings. Scheduling a meeting just a few hours after a long haul flight and you’ll be rushed, you’ll be tired and you won’t be on top form. The trip may feel like a time consuming inconvenience, but you need to schedule down time, time to prepare and get ready for meetings and factor in all eventualities such as flight delays.


Choose the right flights

When you’re booking a flight, you may feel that a connecting flight offers best value for money, but  sometimes that extra money spent on a direct flight is incredibly well worth it. You’ll be there faster and the journey will be much simpler. If you’re going to be thrown straight into work when you land, booking business class flights is certainly something you should consider, you’ll be more comfortable and you’re more likely to be able to get some sleep on the journey leaving you feeling refreshed when you land.


Choose your hotel carefully

An out of town hotel is not the best choice when you need to be in the centre every day to work. A centrally located hotel will save travel time and it will also be the best choice for when you have spare time as you’ll have something to do, you can explore the local area and it will be easy to find places to eat. For example, if your meetings are in the centre of Limassol, the Ajax Hotel is perfectly located for easy access to all areas of the city and it’s also close to the airport, cutting down on more travel time.


Pack with thought

You’re not going on holiday, so you don’t need to overpack for your business trip, but you also need to ensure you have all your essential items. Paperwork for both the journey and any meetings you need to attend, as well as important gadgets such as your phone and laptop, chargers and stationery. It’s also a good idea to put an outfit in your carry on luggage, so if your main suitcase goes astray on the journey, you won’t have to turn up to a meeting in your crumpled travel clothes.


Get your phone ready with travel apps

There are so many apps that can make your business trip easier, so be sure to download them before you go. Airline apps will keep you informed of any flight delays or changes, you can get apps to book taxis and maps of the city you’re staying in etc.


Don’t overdo it

When you’re used to sitting at your own desk everyday, rushing around a new city for a string of meetings can be exhausting and you can easily get run down. It’s important to get plenty of rest when you’re on a business trip and make sure you eat well and drink plenty of water. Don’t neglect your health just because your routine has changed.


Book Ajax Hotel for your next Limassol business trip

If you’re visit Limassol on business, you’ll find the Ajax Hotel perfectly located both for the city and the airport. With all the amenities you need you’ll have everything to hand, and when it’s time to have some time out, you’re in the perfect, most beautiful location.