Christening Ideas on a Budget

You can have a beautiful celebration without spending a fortune. Here are some tips for saving money on a christening without sacrificing a wonderful day…
15 May 2019

Christening Ideas on a Budget

Here are some tips for saving money on a christening without sacrificing a wonderful day…

You’re proud new parents of a little bundle of joy, so of course you want to show baby off to all your friends and family, and what better time to do that than at a christening party? But these events can be very costly. However, they really don’t need to be. If you’re on a budget, or would just rather save your money for baby’s future than blow it on a party, you can have a beautiful celebration without spending a fortune.


Combine the christening with baby’s first birthday

Think ahead, it’s quite likely you’ll want another party to celebrate baby turning one year old. Your guest list is likely to be pretty much the same, so why not combine both events and have one party rather than paying for two?


Decide on a guest list and stick to it

It’s easy to get carried away and invite too many guests. The more guests you have, the more expensive it’s going to be. You’ll need a large venue, and of course all those guests will need food and drink during the party. You’re not planning a wedding, you’re planning a christening. Keep the list to those people who play an important role in the lives of you and your family and stick to it. The fewer guests you have, the less overwhelming it will be for baby too.


Do it yourself and delegate

Of course having a new baby in your home can be exhausting and you’ll be kept pretty busy, but anything you can do yourself for the christening will save you money. You could make your own invitations or prepare your own food for the event. Don’t be nervous about asking friends and family to help out. People love to help with arrangements for such as special event, and if everyone does just one small job, you can have a lot covered. Think about the skills the people you know have. Can a great baker make you a cake? Perhaps someone with design skills can make you some invitations?


Keep the decorations simple yet elegant

Understated decorations will look classy and won’t break the budget. Choose carefully and pick a colour scheme. You’ll find plenty of decorations available cheaply online that when placed with care will look amazing. Again, hand made decorations are really special and it’s a great way to get the kids involved too.


Don’t feel the need to compete

The day will be fabulous because you have your beautiful new baby. Don’t think about the huge extravagant christenings you’ve attended, you don’t need to compete with that. A simple day will be just as memorable, just don’t forget to take lots of wonderful photos!


Make sure you are align with the venue

You want everything to be perfect. It’s important that your venue can assist on the decoration both in terms of ideas and realization – so it will be a picture perfect setting to capture photographs of this special occasion. Ajax Hotel organized various christening events, contact us for a free guided tour on our venue.