Brunch at Ajax Hotel: Our top 5 picks

Here is the list with the top five dishes, we think, you will enjoy the most while brunching at Ajax Hotel!
8 Aug 2019

Brunch at Ajax Hotel: Our top 5 picks

This top might be slightly biased, as the person who wrote it is known for having a sweet tooth! Nevertheless, we asked that it is as objective as possible. So, here is the list with the top five dishes, we think, you will enjoy the most while brunching at the hotel!

5: At number five, we find the all-time-favourite English Breakfast. This hearty meal is rich in flavour and will fully satisfy your taste buds. The earthiness of the mushrooms lightens the heaviness of the bacon and sausages, whereas the eggs and beans provide you with the necessary nutrients. Lastly, the toast locks in the flavour. As it turns out, the British have thought this dish through! Enjoy!

(Allergens: Eggs, Gluten)

4: Coming at number four is Apple Granola! Layered with healthy Greek yoghurt and walnuts and drizzled with local fresh honey, this healthy and delicious dessert will appease your hunger and keep you fit at the same time! The apple slices and cinnamon on top are an excellent combination that will be remembered throughout the day!

(Allergens: Gluten, milk, nuts)

3: Another classic option is poached eggs on English muffin served alongside Hollandaise sauce. Now, this might look very easy to make, but as chef Gordon Ramsay has once said, it is one of the hardest to get right! Here at Ajax Hotel, we consistently serve this dish the way it should be! Oh, and by the way, you can add prosciutto or salmon to add an additional dimension on flavour.

(Allergens: eggs, milk, fish, gluten)

2: Right before the top, we find a frittata born in Cyprus! Featuring the famous haloumi cheese and village sausage pieces, this flavourful combination of ingredients is strong enough to keep you full all day and maybe night! The chewy texture of the haloumi goes unbelievably well with the slight spiciness of the sausage. The egg mixture is the base which binds all the flavours together, whereas the cherry tomatoes add a note of freshness to restore balance. It’s perfect!

(Allergens: milk, eggs, So2)

1: Drumroll please! Peaking the top is an amazing dessert: Pancakes with chocolate ganache and fruit of the forest! You might have been expecting pancakes to peak the top of a brunch list, but these are exceptional! We can’t stress enough how important it is to try them before you exit the hotel!

(Allergens: milk, wheat- gluten, butter, eggs)


So, there you have it! Top five dishes which will make your stomach wiggle in happiness. For more information about the brunch, feel free to contact us on Facebook or phone at 25590000.