5 tips for choosing the perfect conference venue!

A venue that is modern, luxurious, and comfortable, offering high-end technology and facilities, in a great location, will give your business great potential.
6 Mar 2020

5 tips for choosing the perfect conference venue!

When you’re organising a conference, your choice of venue is really important. The venue will reflect on your business, so you certainly don’t want to pick somewhere that’s old and tired or hard to get to. A venue that is modern, luxurious, and comfortable, with all the facilities and technology you need, in a great location, will put your business in a very positive light. Follow our five tips for choosing your ideal conference venue to ensure your next event is remembered for all the right reasons…


Choose a venue in a good location  

Location should be one of the biggest deciding factors when choosing a venue for your conference. Choosing a conference facility located in the heart of a city with great public transport links is a very good idea. Pick a place that’s easy to find and ensure it has plenty of parking spaces for anyone attending by car. The Ajax Hotel in Limassol is an ideal venue as it is easy to find and centrally located within Limassol city center. Limassol has excellent regular public transport and it’s also easily accessible from either of the two local airports. 


Find your perfect conference room size

The size of your conference room is also important. You don’t want it to feel too crowded if you’re having a lot of guests, but also, you may simply be having a small number of attendees, in which case, a room that is too large can feel unwelcoming for such a small number. The Ajax Hotel offers six versatile and stylish conference suites that can accommodate anything from 20 guests up to 350.


Make sure the venue has all the technology and facilities you need

Does your venue offer the audio-visual equipment you’ll need for presentations etc? Do you need to be able to offer free Wi-Fi to your guests? It’s so important to find out in advance what facilities a venue can offer or you could be left in a mess when you arrive to find out that a vital part of your equipment has not been provided. When you book the Ajax Hotel for your conference requirements, you can rest assured that all state of the art technology will be provided for you, and all your guests will have access to free high-speed Wi-Fi.


Be sure of great catering

When it’s time to take a break, you need a venue that will provide great food and drink for your guests to enjoy. At the Ajax Hotel you can book your conference guests in for a delicious buffet meal with a wide variety of options to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. The perfect time to relax and network with colleagues and associates.


Find a venue with the perfect accommodation

It’s likely some of your guests will be travelling quite a distance to attend your conference, so it’s great to hold your event at an establishment that offers good accommodation on site. The new executive rooms at the Ajax Hotel are so conveniently located for all the conference facilities at the hotel and offer everything a visiting business person could require. These modern rooms are spacious, stylish and comfortable with a large desk area for working, a flat-screen television for relaxing, and some beautiful views too.


Assess the overall look and feel of the venue

 We suggest you visit your potential venues or at least view some photos before you make your booking, because no matter how great the facilities, or what good a deal they are offering, it has to look and feel right for your event. Is the venue clean and bright? Is it well lit? Does it have a positive feel? Is the setting conducive to productivity and positivity with beautiful grounds in a peaceful setting? You’ll also be able to meet the staff and be sure that your conference is going to be in safe hands with all your needs met and your expectations surpassed.


Book the Ajax Hotel for all your conference requirements

The Ajax Hotel has everything you need to make sure your conference is a huge success. To book your perfect conference suite, get in touch now and we’ll be very happy to talk you through all the options available to you and secure your date.